octopus tentacles decal

Tentacle Wall Decal

Fancy having an octopus in your home with tentacles all over? It might be creepy to some but to others, it is cool. Look…

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iron man usb drive

Iron Man Pendrive

There are many of these funny USB drives around now. The Cork Drive is one of these. Now, instead of funny and…

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portal 2 sentry turret desk defender

Portal 2 Sentry Turret

Don’t want any intruders lurking around your desk? Set up the Portal 2 Sentry Turret. It will be your desk defender, alerting…

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nessie desk lamp pink

Nessie Desk Lamp

Looks a little like the legendary Loch Ness monster, right? Well, the Nessie desk lamp is indeed designed using the…

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iphone 4 couple case

iPhone 4 Couple Case

We all need a case for our iPhone. But if you have a partner who has the same phone model as you do, then you also…

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novelty file folders

Novelty File Folders

Brighten up your office life with these collection of 6 novelty file folders. Why settle for the usual and boring…

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tablet floor stand holder

iPad Stand Holder

Oh, how I love this! With a lot of out time spent using an iPad or a tablet, a stand holder that allows us to…

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ergotron 33-341-200

Sit And Stand Computer Desk

Sitting alone can result in a sore back. But we do spend hours everyday in front of the computer at our office. So,…

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mood changing lights

Mood Changing Lamp

Fancy a lamp that could change color with a simple tap? Well, get a mood changing lamp then. Choose from…

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stuffed toy fish tank

Teddy Bear Fish Tank

You have seen a teddy bear lamp and now it’s high time to take a look at a teddy bear fish tank. It looks cute like your…

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red watermelon knife

Red Watermelon Knife

One look and you will know this is a watermelon knife. With its red blade and cut-out seed patterns, use it to…

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balance ball office chair

Balance Ball Office Chair

If your back hurts sitting in front of your desk everyday, maybe it’s time you get the Balance Ball office chair. Not…

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starck ghost chair lexmod

Starck Ghost Chair

Can’t see the chairs clearly in the picture? Well, they are ghost chairs! That is why they give off a transparent…

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spiderman lunch kit

Spiderman Lunch Kit

This Spiderman lunch kit is super cool. Apart this design, you can also get the R2D2 and Darth Vader lunch…

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ripple effect wall art

Ripple Effect Wall Art

Hanging a painting on a wall is, of course, to enhance the decor. You want it to attract attention but if it is also the…

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little tikes pirate ship toddler bed

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

No, not all toddler beds are the same. Some are elaborately designed like this one here: the Little Tikes Pirate Ship toddler bed. You…

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red cell phone holder

Koziol Rocky Organizer

This is a useful elk to have around your home. It is basically a cell phone holder. It is also suitable for keeping your…

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scotch dog tape dispenser

Scotch Dog Tape Dispenser

The shoe tape dispenser is getting a little too common while the cassette one is a little old school. So, why…

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slanted soap dish

Waterfall Soap Saver

Why put up with soggy soap? A simple and cheap soap dish like this one is all it takes to keep your soap dry and make…

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gothic grim reaper oil warmer

Gothic Grim Reaper Oil Burner

This is an eerie oil burner featuring the Grim Reaper in a graveyard-like scene. It is an electric oil warmer with a…

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kids coloring placemat

Kidz Silicone Placemat

Kids will never be able to sit still. If you don’t have something to keep them occupied at the dinner table, they will…

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retro ray gun rocket coffee mug

Retro Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Isn’t this a fun mug to have? It looks like a ray gun like you are waiting to shoot someone with it when you have…

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ouch voodoo cutting board

Ouch Cutting Board

No, this is not a black magic kind of ritual. It is merely a cutting board, an Ouch Cutting Board to be precise…

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stainless steel monkey tea infuser

Monkey Tea Infuser

This is a stainless steel tea infuser. Put in your tea leaves into the body of the monkey and rest its arms on your…

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life's a beach wall sign

Life’s A Beach Wood Sign

Do you like the beach? Most of us do. So, why not have a beach theme decor for your room? This Life’s A Beach wooden…

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his and hers key holders

His n Hers Key Hooks

This is a pair of key hooks with humor thrown in. Unlike the Couple Human Key Holders which have their own…

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table top jelwelry stand

Jewelry Holder And Stand

If you organize your jewelries this way, things will definitely be easy to find. There is no need to rummage through…

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money savvy piggy bank

Money Savvy Pig Bank

This is a really fun children’s coin bank which is also educational. Start them young when it comes to money…

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collapsible dish drainer

Collapsible Dish Drainer

See that flat plastic tray there? If you are wondering what it is, let me tell you now that it is a dish drainer. It…

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vintage salt and pepper shakers set

Nostalgic Salt And Pepper Shakers

If you like tin salt and pepper shakers rather than something lovey-dovey like the Old Couple set, then this is one of…

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